INKSPILL Gratitude – With Thanks



That was INKSPILL 2016, I can hardly believe it is over already. Missed it? Our posts remain active so come and treat yourself whenever you have the time to write or watch.

HUGE thanks to Roy McFarlane

our Guest Writer who went beyond the line for effort and input. We are grateful for the fabulous workshops you prepared for INKSPILL this year, we are sure people will be writing from them for some time to come.

It has been a pleasure.


© 2011 Smokestack Books


To Gaia Harper, our Guest Writer who was interviewed exclusively for INKSPILL. We are hugely grateful for your time. We hope you keep on writing.

Thank-you Gaia.



Thanks to Deeanne Gist

For your advice and allowing us to share your wonderful video blogs (vlogs) on the craft of writing, we look forward to hearing more from you in the future and appreciate the time you gave us.


© Artfix Daily


And finally to Robert Harper, who unfortunately, due to unforeseen circumstances, was not able to take part this year. Keeping our fingers crossed he will agree to be one of our 2017 Guest Writers.

Thank-you Rob for all the good intentions.


We are very grateful to all our Guest Writers who gave their time freely to produce part of the programme this year and make INKSPILL as great as it is.

We would also like to thank you, yes YOU for taking part, remember the links and pages remain active so come back and dip into INKSPILL whenever you have time. Treat yourself before Christmas.


bookshelves-995542_1280 INKSPILL BOOK SHOP text-1315161_1280


We encourage a showing of gratitude by offering you news and publications from our Guest Writers, available NOW right here.


Have a browse. We promise not to ask if you need any help!



lamp-641559_1280 Gaia-Rose Harper can be found here:

LIKE her page and keep an eye out for more exciting events featuring this talented young writer.


letters-1161947_1280 Robert Harper can be found here:

We urge you to buy Bare Fiction, a magazine packed with poetry, fiction AND theatre. The literary equivalent of a great gig/spa retreat/best day of your life.



PFLB Roy McFarlane can be found here:

Buy his book here Nine Arches Press roy-bwylb


Deeanne Gist can be found here deanne-gist

She is a keynote speaker and workshop facilitator at this year’s La Jolla Writer’s conference in California.


La Jolla Writers Conference in San Diego, CA.



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