Writing Activity #1 Nature


Welcome to the first writing activity. You will need a notebook, pen and some highlighters or coloured pens. The process of writing out by hand is an important one.

Once you have completed the activity feel free to share extracts of your work in the comment boxes below. Alternatively you can post a link if you have posted your writing elsewhere. You are under no obligation to share at all, but promise me you will not throw this writing away.



The idea behind this initial activity is to get your mind set to ‘retreat’. Our lives are busy and we rarely have time to stop or connect with the world around us. By the end of the activity you may have some writing you can use elsewhere or ideas that wouldn’t have otherwise surfaced. So be open to it and try not to ask ‘why?’ and ‘so what?’ For pleasure, freedom and morning heads.



In order for this activity to be delivered correctly I have left intentional gaps for you to scroll after you have completed each stage of the writing.

  1. Choose one of the following images (repeat the exercise 3x if you can’t decide).









2. Spend some time staring at your chosen image. Allow thoughts to gather in your mind. Write down a list of words or phrases that come into your head.













3. Go back through the list, use highlighters if you have some – find where the senses are; What have you written that you can see, hear, taste, smell, touch?

Spend a few minutes adding to your list words and phrases that cover every sense.









4. Now put yourself there. Freewrite * for 5 minutes.

*Freewrite: keep your pen moving, even if your thoughts run dry write something ‘my thoughts are running dry’ or repeat a phrase from your original notes ‘the sky is yellow’… until your brain kicks in with new writing again. Time it. Set a timer. 5 minutes.


You are there, in the scene.

Use this link for an online timer time-430625_1280

DO NOT re-read this writing when the timer sounds. Just scroll down.


















Here comes the real writing…


5. Use what you have written to create an extended narrative or poem (the genre is up to you), at this point you may want to freewrite again. I suggest about 10 -15 mins. for this writing. You can use the timer if you wish.

This new writing can be based on a recalled experience or you can use the images from the exercise to create your world. Go wild, try going outside to complete this activity. Be one with nature.

Describe the most intimate experience you’ve ever had with nature. Try to remember a time in which you were truly affected by the natural world and it became a major part of who you are.



Feel free to post comments, questions and extracts from this writing activity in the box below.




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