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INKSPILL 2016 is Coming


In less than 24 hours INKSPILL 2016 will be underway. If this is your first year participating please read this post, if you have INKSPILLED before – please also read this post.


This button can be saved and shared across your social media – let the world know what you are up to this weekend.


How to Participate

Here are the INKSPILL Guidelines we encourage you to use:


  • Please FOLLOW awritersfountain blog to take part in the weekend.

  • LIKE the post when you have read it.

  • Spread the word of this FREE online writing retreat to others.


  • Dip in and out or accept you are on retreat for the entire weekend.

  • Please appreciate for the safety and wellbeing of all participants comments need to be approved, this will sometimes take a few hours.

  • You DO NOT have to share your writing publically. If it is a copyright/submission issue there is a CLOSED Facebook group you may join to share your work online.

  • We encourage LINKS to be shared if you are posting work elsewhere on the web.


  • Whether you are taking part in real-time or after the event, we appreciate ‘likes’, you can like and post as a guest if you have no WordPress account or sign up, there is a world of great blogs to explore on the platform.

  • Ideally we aim to create the sense of community, it is valuable to see other people here for INKSPILL. We encourage you to leave comments, feedback and links on the feed.

    Guest writers cannot access the statistics for traffic they can see comments and feedback. They have worked hard to provide part of the programme for us this year and have given their time free of charge. I am sure they will appreciate thoughts and comments on posts too.


We offer links to purchasing books and promote events and websites associated with our Guest Writers in lieu of payment. We make no profit ourselves and are unable to offer payment in any way. We appreciate you may not be able to place orders for books, please do not be offended by the option, some writers are rich enough to rattle their jewellery.


The History of INKSPILL

INKSPILL is a FREE online writing retreat, the idea came in 2013, the year I started blogging and returned to the world of writing. I discovered the Wonder Woman Weekend led by Iyanla Vanzant – I couldn’t afford the airfare or ticket price, so to cheer myself up (after spending a month back on the poetry scene) I started INKSPILL. imagesCABXRBCK

The success of the first year, (where with the help of the internet I facilitated the entire programme), showed me this was something to offer annually.

Ianyla Pilot

In 2014, our second year, I started inviting Guest Writers to participate and provide exclusives for all of you writers and readers out there.

Created in 2013 and run annually, INKSPILL has been a free and non-profit making venture created & facilitated by Nina Lewis. Guest Writers have been used since 2014.


INKSPILL 2013 Facilitated by Nina Lewis

inkspill pink


INKSPILL 2014 Guest Writers;

William Gallagher, Charlie Jordan & Heather Wastie



INKSPILL 2015 Guest Writers;

David Calcutt, Alison May & Daniel Sluman



INKSPILL 2016 Guest Writers;

Robert Harper, Gaia-Rose Harper & Roy McFarlane


Here is a link to our programme of events:

INKSPILL 2016 Programme

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