My Pamphlet is a Real Thing: Fragile Houses by Nina Lewis published by V. Press


I am proud to announce that my debut pamphlet, ‘Fragile Houses’ is published by V. Press. Pre-orders can be taken and it is officially released on the 3rd October.


It is also available from the V. Press stall at The Poetry Book Fair, 17th September.


The official book launch is on Monday 3rd October at Waterstones, Birmingham.


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    • Thanks – I am thrilled. The books have been waiting with the publishers for over a week now, our schedules not matching for collection. I am going to do my best to get them today. It is like a burning- exciting – butterfly – humpback bridge feeling every time I think about it! Cannot wait to hold it. I promise there will be pictures to come. Rang-zeb Rango Hussain, an amazing talented artist is my official launch photographer. I will be posting as soon after the event as I can.
      You and I need to work out exchanging our collections, even if it means buying directly, which would be better right because we can sign it. I did try your website when your first collection was published and I couldn’t manage it.
      I LOVE the fact that you and I inhabit the same world. Who would have thought it all those years ago?

      J V Birch and I are old childhood friends, she is now a poet living in Australia (I am slightly jealous of the second part).

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  2. Can’t wait to get a copy! Re-blogged on Baldypoems, tweeted and shared on facehobby. Nina, I love your poetry, please do send me any links that I can help you promote with. I wish you every success with your publication. Much love from Baldy x

    • Thank you for the support, part of me wishes I had a longer run up to the launch, the other part of me knows I would burst if I had to wait any longer. The promotion will continue after the release the book, I appreciate all shares. My facebook account is inundated with Fragile Houses at the minute, feel free to share any posts from there too.

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