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Happy World Poetry Day



It doesn’t seem like a year has gone since the last one. I usually like to mark special days like this, but this year I have been at work all day and I have had one of those days. You know the sort, sending random S.O.S messages from your mobile in the only 10 minute break you will have all day. Still it is over now and for a little time I can immerse myself in the waters of the fountain and write about poetry.

heart As you all know, I love poetry. I have had a wonderful weekend of poetry and have survived a manic week of writing. My schedule was hard going after work every night. It was worth it though. I have more poems out there flying around editors desks than EVER before.

On Friday I celebrated Woman’s History Month with new poetry written about Annie Edson Taylor, the first person to go over Niagara Falls in a barrel. This poem started life a few months ago as a poem about adventurous daredevils, I researched heavily but after the poem was finished found out subsequent information which I felt the reader/listener needed and so the poem had a rewrite. This was a great night of poetry which I will blog about soon.

On Saturday I went to the Vanguard Readings – another night of exceptional poetry. I felt recharged from listening to all the poetry that night. Special feelings, like Christmas Eve. Magical.

On Sunday (I am beginning to feel like the Hungry Caterpillar) I received great news, my poem ‘Journey’ was chosen to be published, my manuscript finally reached the end run of editorial work and I have been asked to perform at Spring/ Summer events.

So today, apart from ‘work’ work – I am having a rest and am celebrating WPD from behind my screen with Goggle and Social Media.

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I asked my friends in honour of WORLD POETRY DAY to talk to me about their experience of poetry, what it means to them, favourite poems. This post will be updated to include more opinions. Perhaps you would like to add yours in a comment below. It is a great way of discovering poets and sharing some love.

I started writing poetry about six years ago and since I met my poetic friends from Worcestershire, I haven’t looked back with any regret as you have all been a great inspiration to me. This is a special day.

Timothy Stavert

Two life-changing poems for me: HD’s “Eurydice” and Margaret Atwood’s “Circe/Mud Poems.” The ideas that the myths I grew up with could center around the women in them, and not as victims, blew open my mind. In later life, two I return to again and again are Joy Harjo’s “New Orleans” and “What Music.”

Jennifer McGowan

Poetry is breathing, right?

Angi Holden

It’s my hidden language, my religion, my imagination, my comfort blanket, my pulse, my lifeblood, it’s my world!

Elaine Christie.

Poetry for me is exploration and communication, of and with the self, of and with the world. When I was a teenager I ran a poetry magazine from my bedroom which people could buy via mail order. One of the contributors sent me a copy of Sharon Olds’ ‘The Sign of Saturn’ as a thank you for publishing their work and ‘being supportive’. They, and no-one who bought or read the mag, knew I was a 16 year old schoolgirl! Anyway, the book had a profound effect on me and I’m a fan of Olds to this day. So, something from that book, or from ‘The Gold Cell’, which I bought soon after, would be great. Maybe ‘I Go Back to May 1937’?

Mab Jones

I feel like it’s a bit of a secret self for me. Perhaps my true self – or that might be the boring office one – but somewhere I can escape to.

Emma Simon

Sometimes it feels as if it’s all of me. It’s my way of becoming visible – of saying, ‘this is me!’ It’s not recognition, it’s validation. I exist through my poems and poetry. Sad but true.

Favourite poem:
‘The suburbs dream of violence. Asleep in their drowsy villas,
sheltered by benevolent shopping malls, they wait patiently
for the nightmares that will wake them into a more passionate world’

Stella Wulf

It’s very absorbing.

Cathy Dreyer

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