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November Review


November has been a strange month. I have experienced a writing dip and a lack of energy. This meant that I didn’t make all the events I had planned to this month and instead took the option of sleep.



I tend to spend the winter months pre-Christmas winding down, so after October I am more of a hermit poet than a public one. This month however, I have missed many events that I was looking forward to experiencing. Deep down I know I made the right choice though as driving in winter when tired is not a promising decision.

lanegan 009

Sadly I missed;

Jonathan Edwards at Buzzwords in Cheltenham,

Claire Walker headlining at Permission to Speak as we had a bonfire party on the 5th November.

Spoken Word at the Ort

Poets for Passion at The Ort for Remembrance Sunday

Heather Wastie’s ‘Weaving Yarns’ book launch. Heather was a guest poet for us during INKSPILL 2014.

The last 42 of the year and many other events.

This month I have spent the writing time I have, writing rather than travelling around performing. It costs a lot of money to attend all these events and on the run up to Christmas I need to save my pennies. I haven’t submitted any work for a while and I thought I needed to address this and also my writing days have disappeared since half term as I have been working split day patterns and using all my free time on the day job and chores.



The flipside is that once I pulled myself out of the doldrums I was actually more productive than I have been in a while. I have been writing lots and editing for the past few months but not really submitting anything. I also stopped challenging myself (for an easy life) and I felt parts of my creative mind shut down. NaNoWriMo has helped on the quest for knowledge. I didn’t have time to create 50,000 words this month (or the ideas), so I took part in a FLASH NANO project instead, over on Nancy’s blog.


Since writing NANO flash fiction, I have stumbled upon a great idea that haNaNo-2015-Participant-Badge-Large-Squares potential and I plan (depending on the rest of my schedule) to sign up for the camps in April and the Summer and see if I can knock this idea into shape.



Being happier about my writing life resulted in rejuvenated energy and I was able to carry on achieving goals for the rest of the month.

BLIPS happen – they are frustrating but part of the process, so ride them like a wild wave and make sure you’re attached to the board!


I decided to participate in FLASH NANO – writing flash fiction from a daily prompt. It has given me an opportunity to write new material and trying out new ideas.

nano rabbit

I learnt how to make poetry film videos which I plan to use next year on my You Tube channel.

I enjoyed Stirchley Speaks this month. I was able to just sit back and enjoy it, it was lovely to hear Kathy Gee’s headline set and I am excited that her collection will be out next year too.


The week started with an exciting editorial meeting, finally the manuscript is coming together. Editorial meetings are hard work but when you love what you’re doing they are a pleasure. The hours flew by.

I managed to get to Mouth & Music for the ‘Over the Edge’ theme and discovered a new poet who headlined.

Sadly, I missed Swingerella as I was in need of an early night with a full week of work to get through. My Wednesday was the toughest day of work this half term and I am glad that I had the energy to face it.

Public Address at the MAC was incredible and worth missing Stanza for.



I finally made some submissions, one flash fiction and a couple of poems and I wrote an action plan, neglected to do one for a few months and as my writing days have dwindled to just 2 a month at the moment it is essential I have a through line that I can just pick up when I am next in writer mode.

There were events this week which I decided to miss, due to the fact that I had a full work week.



Again there were events that I have decided not to attend (due to the beginning of December) being so busy.

I did manage to make the final celebration of Restless Bones.



I was unable to take part in the Charity Fundraiser I was approached to do in October in Birmingham as it clashed with a friend’s birthday.

Restless Bones



Mouth & Music



Stirchley Speaks



More details to follow.