INKSPILL Rise & Shine


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9:00 Coffee/Tea and a short motivational film.

Good morning, we hope you are ready for another day of writing. From time to time we all need to be picked up off the floor of low self-belief, who better than Danzel Washington to help us do just that.

No writing – just sit back and listen.


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  1. That was very good. ‘Dreams without goals fuel disappointment’. I had to share via that quote. It speaks well to writing. I have to say: when I read the intro about low self-belief, I was expecting something a bit different. My first thought was about how we get discouraged during the course of writing. I had a moment of that yesterday. I am two scenes from the end of my current WIP and I panicked — ‘what if it stinks?’ ‘what am I doing?’ — it passed, but sometimes it’s more difficult than others.

    • When I watched this and chose it for INKSPILL, I felt the motivation. I know it doesn’t address writers, but I come from an acting background and understand that the way artists feel from time to time covers all aspects of the creative field. So who better than Danzel to give us a push in the right direction.
      I didn’t mean to mislead but I was referring to just that in the introduction. I have felt it so many times this year and it is a hard one to overcome. We stop believing in ourselves and our strengths as writers, our voice. Once we lose that, we are in a spiral. Motivation videos are a good avenue out of that, to hear your inner voice again. Equally important is to know we all feel this way from time to time and so too do the novelists and writers we read and buy.

      It is true our dreams are just dreams until we push them into focus with goals and end visions. It is also true that things don’t always turn out the way you expect them to. But they do turn out – as long as you turn up and keep going!

      I will write a post after this INKSPILL weekend about those ‘it stinks’ moments – we all need advice and techniques to cope with those moments.


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