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The LIVE action is over – the INKSPILL Programme Posts remain. This ACTIVE Programme will be pinned for a week, to help you navigate the retreat.

You can still comment on the posts and we appreciate a few LIKE clicks too. If you do not have a wordpress account you can sign in as a GUEST.

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Coffee and a writing challenge CLICK > writing


WORKSHOP: Exploring Self coollogo_com-73651860


Introducing Our Guest Writers Alison May, David Calcutt and Daniel Sluman.




Inspirational writing video By Rae Dover

Discussion on writing on the hop and how to deal with rejection. CC sitting-group-1

 Opening of the INKSPILL SHOP CC bookshop-window Garry Knight


Writing for your Reasons

Amy Tan in conversation with Roger Rosenblatt CC 800px-a_small_cup_of_coffee  1 hour 23

A shorter version (6 mins) can be found  HERE


GUEST WRITER Interview with David Calcutt coollogo_com-29507636 PART 1

dc road-kill-front-cover PART 2


WORKSHOP: CHARACTER coollogo_com-73651860


GUEST WRITER Interview with Alison May coollogo_com-29507636

Poetry Film ‘The Beach’ coollogo_com-277015431


Poetry Film ‘Rolling Frames’ coollogo_com-277015431


Night Write challenge writing Based on a short film.


Link to previous INKSPILL retreats to keep you busy!

SUNDAY 25th DAY 2 

creative commons Waiting-to-write-Angie-Garrett-CC-630x411 Short video – Motivation


Beautiful Ugly Writing Challenge (3 Parts)

writing    creative commons girl-writing-full daniel sandoval, writing


GUEST POET Daniel Sluman Interview coollogo_com-29507636

How not to Waste Time – Article & discussion coollogo_com-29508195


WORKSHOP Weather and Folklore coollogo_com-73651860


REFUGEES – An exploration of poetry, writing and person. CC books-759 Johannes Jansson


Explore the Archives, including Guest Posts from 2014 coollogo_com-41972667


A BIG Thank YOU post CC Nick Papakyriazis

The INKSPILL posts will remain active – the LIVE element is over. There will be no more INKSPILL related posts until next 2016.

Thanks for coming!

*FOR 1 WEEK this ACTIVE programme will be pinned to the top of the blog roll to help you navigate to specific parts of the INKSPILL programme.

If after that, you wish to find retreat posts use the keyword INKSPILL in Categories at the bottom of the page OR click 24th or 25th on the OCTOBER calendar to the right of the screen.

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