INKSPILL Day 1 Workshop Exploring Self


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Welcome to the first workshop of the weekend ‘Exploring Self’.

I appreciate that we all write at different speeds and as we are only together virtually, you will work through these activities at your own pace. I think it is a good idea to restrain from scrolling down and revealing the next activity. Try to write in the moment.

Please share any feedback in the comments below – what worked well for you, what didn’t, how we could improve as well as sharing your workshop snippets with us.

If you create a piece of writing from this at some other point in the future, let us know.

I hope you find it valuable… are you ready? Let’s take a look.

ww me ‘Exploring Self’.

To begin I will get you to think about… feel free to just mull over the questions or to mind-map, note take, whatever works for you. Go as wide or shallow as you want with the question prompts. There is WRITE but no wrong.


  • Start by thinking of your identity. WHO ARE YOU?
  • What characteristics make up your personality?
  • Think about what kind of person you are… what sort of person would you like to be?
  • Where are you from?
  • What do you do in your life?
  • What are your dreams?
  • What makes your world turn, what is important to you?


Tony Hall

© Tony Hall Creative commons



Take a deep breath and promise yourself you will be honest.

  • Write your life list of accomplishments and failures.
  • How do these fit in with the larger picture of your life? The consequences/ domino effect.
  • Re-read your list considering how every item makes you feel. Highlight the events listed that trigger the strongest reaction.



Re-read your original notes (SECTION 1), choose some aspects that you believe reflect you.
I might choose some words or phrases that describe;
my identity,
my personality,
where I am from – from womb to street.
Start writing – choose whichever genre suits you. If you feel stuck start with a free write, keep your pen moving for 10 minutes, look back at what you have, find a starting point and go from there.
084723-pink-jelly-icon-business-clock7-sc43 Take 30 minutes.


Refer back to your scribbles from section 2. Choose 1-3 life changing events and see how these have shaped you.
Choose one from the following (or attempt all of them). Remember the posts remain live after our weekend, so you can always come back here and try some more writing.
1) Imagine your life as a piece of Art (based on life changing events) describe what it looks like, what kind of gallery would it be in, what would people say as they look at it – write the conversation.
2) Write about one of your life changing moments.
3) Write a letter to your future self – mentioning these life changes and positives that evolve from them in your future.
4) Write to your younger self (pre-life changing moment), give yourself some advice, help yourself in making the decision or a offer a solution for the future event.
 084723-pink-jelly-icon-business-clock7-sc43 Take 20 – 30 minutes per option


A link to a post from 2013 – which gave me the original inspiration for this workshop.

Feel free to share any of your writing with us or leave comments about the workshop.

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  • Post comments – on the workshop, something you gained from it.
  • Post your writing in the comments below.
  • Or post a link to where we can find your writing if you want to share it. Either to your blog or on the Facebook Group page.

Europeane Fashion Editathon, Centraal Museum Utrecht

Creative Commons
We hope you have enjoyed our first workshop, maybe something written here will create new work or inspire ideas in you.

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