INKSPILL Day 1 Coffee & Writing Challenge


Coffee and a writing challenge

inkspill 2

Grab yourself a drink, watch this short video. Return to the video and freeze on an image that speaks to you.

WARNING Grammatical errors – I have chosen this film for the images.

Choose a screen shot or part of the short film and just free write – or word association and then look back at your list of words and choose one as your writing focus.

This is just to open your mind to writing and get you started. It would be great if you post the whole or extracts of your free write here in the comments or send us the link to your blog to read it.

Stretch into the day writers and begin…

respond in any writing style that feels right for you.

pfl me choosing poems

  • Click LIKE so we see each other
  • Post comments – evaluations or favourite snippets of writing, it will be interesting to see who chooses what.
  • Post your writing in the comments below.
  • Or post a link to where we can find your writing if you want to share it. Either to your blog or on the Facebook Group page.

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