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Finally – The Final is Here – Worcestershire Poet Laureate


WLF&F logo concepts Tonight is the opening of Worcester LitFest & Fringe, my local Lit. Festival. I am looking forward to it. I have tickets for several events over the next 10 days and am performing at events too.

It seems I have been waiting ages for the 12th June, something to do with being a finalist in Worcestershire Poet Laureate Competition. There are six finalists, two of us have never entered before. I wonder if everyone has butterflies already, or is that just me!

The finalists are;

Tony Shadforth

Heather Wastie

Suz Winspear

Damon Lord

Betti Moretti

& myself, Nina Lewis

It is the first time for myself and Tony Shadforth. It should be a fun night. I am busy preparing and trying to stop my knees from knocking.

Come and join us at The Guildhall, Worcester, 6:30 pm Tickets £5

speakeasy speakeasy WLF PL

Full Lit Fest programme  can be found here WLF