INKSPILL: The Journey



Whether you like the term journey or not, it describes the trials and tribulations, the fast lanes and windy Country Lanes of what we go through when embarking on a writing life. My journey itself has been referred to (mainly by Fergus McGonigal – Worcester’s Poet Laureate) as a Poetry Odyssey! Something that when I first heard I didn’t really agree with, nowadays – I DO!

I decided to start the blog to almanac the beginning of my journey in 2013, so hidden in the archives are all you will ever want to know about my journey, we found out in Charlie Jordan’s Biography yesterday that she wrote poetry for just one year before becoming Birmingham’s Poet Laureate (2007) and Heather Wastie has been kind enough to prepare an entire post about her own journey.

Your own personal journey serves such interest that it could become an article, blog or book all of its own.

Please feel free to share YOUR journey here with us and look out for Heather’s post about her own journey in INKSPILL this morning.

open road

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