INKSPILL Feedback On Day 1



Evaluation means that INKSPILL 2015 can be even more spectacular. So please take a little time to feed your answers into this poll and feel free to leave comments, suggestions and reviews on this post too.

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  1. Hey Nina, the poll doesn’t seem to be working for me so I’ll say here that I’ve taken part in some of the activities (not as many as I’d hoped thanks to I’ll health) and that I’ve enjoyed it and learnt something new (dialogue is more powerful than I thought! Thanks William!)
    Only suggestion to improve would be to share the programme a little earlier – perhaps Thursday – so that I could schedule my time better to coincide with the activity.
    Keep up the good work! 😉

    • Thanks Cat, have edited the post, the poll might work now (hopefully). Sharing the programme earlier would be a good idea, this year October became amazingly busy for me and I didn’t start working on INKSPILL until a week ago, originally I had hoped to spend a month planning it all. Glad that you have managed some of the activities and posts though. Thanks Cat.

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