INKSPILL: Introductions


AWF World map

Let us know if you are taking part in INKSPILL this year.


WHO are you?

WHERE  in the world are you?

What are you currently WRITING?

Intro SWA ©2014 Sarah Wilko Anderson

Grab yourself breakfast, caffeine, notebooks, pens and have a mingle. The first activity will appear in about half an hour!


Have fun!


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  1. Hey, I’m Cat from Manchester, England and I’m currently trying to edit my first ever attempt at a novel from NaNo 2011 that I rewrote earlier this year.
    I’m not sure how much I’ll be around, as my health has tanked recently, but will dip in when I can and take part.
    Thanks for hosting the retreat online!

    • Hi Cat, glad you managed to schedule some time to take part, hope you feel strong enough to have fun. The posts will stay online if you can’t do it this weekend. Enjoy!

  2. Hi I’m Clive Dee a late Baby Boomer early Generation X person. I’m a freelance software engineer and a former Anglican Priest who didn’t believe enough to remain in the institution..

    I live on the Herefordshire and Worcestershire border near Malvern on the edge of the rolling hills and the Severn flood-plane and that double landscape is important to me.

    When I am not writing code I generally write short lyrical poetry and aim for somewhere between concision and ambiguity. I have an idea for a longer piece of work and want to find a setting for it over this weekend.

  3. Great that you are here Clive, I have some space on the programme tomorrow and can address setting if you have any specific needs?
    If not I wish you success working on your writing over the weekend, enjoy!

  4. Just to let you know (so you don’t feel lonely) there are at least another 5 or 6 people working their way through INKSPILL and some of our Guest Writers are dipping in too – so 8 or so – a perfect number!
    The sites STATS tell me another story, there are plenty of people reading their way through, which is great also and I am hoping (in fact after INKSPILL 2013 – I know it to be a fact) people will dip back into these INKSPILL posts time and time again.

    The blog hasn’t seen this much traffic since the Spring (April) so worry not people are having a good old read, all your hard work has been appreciated by me and is now appreciated by others.

    Massive thanks to followers who have posted too – it is great to let us know you are out there. 🙂


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