INKSPILL – A Video From a Master – Stephen King


As the first shot of the video suggests there is language which may not be appropriate in this video. It lasts for just under an hour and mentions lots of modern literature. Enjoy!



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  1. Thanks for posting. I started this but at almost an hour I think I’ll have to watch a little bit at a time. The little bit I saw is interesting and justifies my weird writing habits,i.e., I always try to use notebooks but I find that i write what sticks in my mind.

  2. Great to hear Trent – I broke it into sessions of 20 mins when I vetted it for inclusion in the programme this weekend. Alternatively you can have it playing in the background – it is not a visually changing video – just Stephen and the lectern, so it works as a background programme.
    Towards the end Q&A you can’t hear the audience, so the questions get repeated – there may be time enough to grab refreshments or Fast Forward it.

    Worth listening to in its entirety though!


    “Once I fell in love with books I fell in love completely…”

    ” You have to look…. You have to see…..”

    ‘The Good stuff stays….’

    Published on Dec 12, 2012
    Stephen King speaks on a number of topics and takes questions from students, faculty and others in a “Master’s Class” before a bigger event at UMass Lowell. King also premiered a new story, “Afterlife”:

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