INKSPILL 2014 – Programme of Events




Welcome to  INKSPILL 2014, here is the programme of what’s coming up over the weekend. Remember you can follow in real time (GMT) or just dip in at your leisure.

If you are currently working on a writing project or preparing for NaNoWriMo, then gather your notes and start by giving yourself some time to write.



AM Session from 09:00

9:00 Programme of Events

9:15 Welcome  to INKSPILL – Motivational Video

9:25 Introductions – Let us know you are here – no matter when you decided to dip in!

inkspill coffee

9:50 Morning Activity – Pens at the ready

10:50 Meet Our GUEST Writers (Bio)  – William Gallagher, Charlie Jordan & Heather Wastie

11:30 An Article on EDITING

12:00 Freewrite Activity


LUNCH donuts_sweet_glaze_chocolate_nuts_45096_480x800


PM Session from 14:00

14:00 A video from a Master to get you back in the mood – Stephen King on writing – Running time 55 mins. Enjoy!

An Afternoon with William Gallagher – Guest Writer

15: 00 A Video From our Guest Writer William Gallagher

  • How to Get Rejected


  • Making Time to Write


  • Writing Doctor Who


  • What You get from Writing
 inkspill coffee
Evening Session from 20:30
20:30 SpeedWriting – How to Write an Article in under 30 minutes
21: 30 Night Write
AWF circle WE HOPE YOU ENJOYED DAY 1 – Sleep well!


AM Session from 09:00
9:00 A Video for the Morning – Write! (6 minutes – or possibly 18 – you will want to watch it over) Guaranteed to fire you up!
9: 30 A Breakfast Book Discussion
10:30 Feedback on DAY ONE
 inkspill coffee
11:00 The Journey
From 11:30 A morning with Heather Wastie
  • Guest Writer Heather Wastie shares her writing journey
  • Heather Wastie Editing a Poem
  • Heather Wastie’s Poetry: Histrionic water
  • Heather Wastie’s Poetry: Spaghetti hoops
LUNCH pancakes
PM Session from 14:00
 AWF retreat2
14:00 Motivation – a little of my story and a video
 14: 30 An Afternoon with Charlie Jordan
17:15 Preparing for NaNoWriMo – Archives
18:50 A Delve into the Archives (AWF  Online Writing Retreat 2013)
  – Including articles on Writing Short Stories, Research & Historical Fiction.
 AWF emboss
From 20:00
20:00 The Final Writing Session
21:30 Evaluation and Feedback

22:00 INKSPILL SHOP – Open 24/7 fs open

Come and buy products featured in INKSPILL or written by our 2014 Guest Writers, who have given their time and words to us all this weekend FOR FREE! Support them back if you can.

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