Getting Organised, Being Sensible, Pub Theatre & Loving Life


The beginning of a new month makes me stop (well okay… pause) and inhale with a new list of goals and writing deadlines, performances and sets to plan, it always feels like I can take on the world at the beginning of the month. Having said that I am supposed to be going to watch a performance of Pub Hamlet by Fortitude Theatre at the Old Stock Joint and Pub & Theatre – which has a wonderful performance space/club room at the top.


Imagine having a pint with Hamlet. Would you fall for his vulnerable brooding? Would you offer some coherent practical advice to quell his indecision? Or would you just tell him to cheer the F up and grow a pair? New company Fortitude Theatre make their debut with this hilariously witty modern take on ‘The Dane’. Starring Leon Priestnall and Lorna Meehan. Written by Lorna Meehan. Directed by Zak Marsh.
Comedy Night at OJS is compared by Aaron Twitchen. Headline Act: Will Franken.
It’s FREE, however the capacity is limited so get there early to avoid disappointment.

If you are in Birmingham or at a loose end… GO! It is sure to be brilliant.

I am just too tired after a weekend of hitting submission deadlines, 2 nights performing at Worcester Music Festival and with a drive to Ludlow in the week and another one to Stafford, as well as the possibility of work starting this week, I am trying to be sensible (which is most out of character).

Today so far I have reviewed August here on the blog and sent business emails. I have to collate my expenses for the Writing West Midlands Assistant Writer job, the new term kicks in in a fortnight and there are new and exciting developments there too. I will blog about that when I am allowed to (confidentiality and all that)!

I have a long list of opportunities to get written/scheduled up in my already full writing diary, I have 2 sets of poetry to practise for performances this week, about 5 things to research and some tickets to book *BLF* Birmingham Literature Festival, just around the corner in October.

blf logo

I AM LOVING the fact that term started today and I am NOT yet back at school – so far this year on my -to pay the mortgage mission- I have a regular half day each week, hoping, like last year there will be some other schools that opt to have regular supply, until then I will write whilst waiting for the phone to ring. I managed to survive the summer with no income but now need to build the savings pool back up, plus I have my younger brother’s wedding and Christmas to think about!

LOVING today though – a full on writing day – a stop and have a coffee day – a ‘I made the RIGHT decision day’ – a thank God I jumped the leap of faith day…


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