Vlad Mackevic’s Open Mic; Frightening, Funny, Foolish – Friday 13th


Last night I went to York’s Bakery, it has been ages since I performed in Birmingham and I was looking forward to reuniting with my friends, Vlad Mackevic (who I met at Mouth & Music a few months ago) decided to host a Friday 13th evening of Spoken Word and Music. I only found out about it a few days ago and eagerly watched the list of who was joining and it was lovely to see that I knew many of them.

The bakery was busy with the post-evening rush when we started, despite the ‘atmospheric noise of coffee machines’ it was a good evening and I look forward to the next one, in the Coffee Lounge – which I think has a separate space for performing if it is the one I am thinking about.

Lots of poets took to the stage and the evening was finished off with music from Superlicious Ms T.

I enjoyed looking through my file for the darker pieces, chose something dark, something weird (and a bit yukky) and something scary. My Zombie Poem (written for theme for 42) had an outing again – I hadn’t imagined it would fit into a reading more than once a year! Femi, asked how many poems I was reading and begged for a 4th one – Vlad took my plea from the stage to do 4 – I read my poem about Martha Graham (her depression) written for last week’s 52. It is quite long to read and difficult when competing over noise.



I enjoyed the evening! Others did too.

Tessa Lowe wrote a poem about the full moon – which won’t fall on Friday the 13th again until 2049 and by then she will be 103! Glyn Phillips wrote about Friday the 13th in a very humorous poem, the performers were;

Neth Brown,

Olufemi Abidogun,

Tessa Lowe,

Sabina Luciana Tcaciuc,

Chris Akers,

Nina Lewis,

CabdiQani Osman Hassann

Jasmine Gardosi,

Ines McDonald,

Andrea Smith as Swingerella,

Martin Spruce,

Glyn Phillips

The Supercilious Ms T and her Band of Pleasure Dandies.

I don’t have photos of every performance awaiting some professional shots, here’s a flavour from my phone!

 Vlad Femi Femi Vlad Chris  Chris

vlad Jasmine Jasmine Vlad Tessa Tessa

                                                                                                                                               Vlad Swing    Swingerella

 Vlad Glyn Glyn Vlad Super Ms T Supercilious Ms T

     Vlad1 and Vlad himself!

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