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Wenlock Poetry Festival 2014


Gary has had time to post his review of Wenlock Poetry Festival – and he was lucky enough to manage more of the weekend than me. It is a great write up of many events I missed (due to family wedding party) – I have reblogged it to tickle your tastebuds whilst you wait for my review post. This is a very busy week, hoping to post mine as soon as possible.



This was my third visit to the Wenlock Poetry Festival, and for the first time I stayed overnight locally to maximise my time. As always, a diverse, eclectic programme had been laid down by organiser Anna Dreda such that many are starting to come now not for specific events, but for the festival itself, confident in the event, surely a very good sign, and with good reason. For it is the sort of festival where you can turn up on your own and bump into friends, or simply make them.

Sadly I could not come up for Friday, which ,meant that I missed Luke Wright, and a triple bill of John Hegley, Emma Purshouse and Mia Cunningham all of whom attracted glowing reports upon my arrival on Saturday. Apart from some seasonal April showers on Saturday, the weather was kind, with the Poetree making a welcome return along with a…

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The Poetry Fence


My Acton Scott Farm Poem

The Poetry Fence.


Jean Atkin is currently the Poet is Residence at Acton Scott Farm, she is currently asking for people to send short farm related poems 4- 6 lines and she is attaching them to the POETRY FENCE! I submitted and am delighted to see my work tagged on the fence alongside the other poems. I hope to see a photo of the whole fence at some point!