Most bloggers are obsessed by stats when they first start blogging, I know I looked at mine daily in the early days. About six months in I found another well established blog (6 years) that had a post about statistics – which I was obviously interested in reading and I took heart when she showed us the first 6 month stats – they were lower than mine! She regularly has 400+ views/likes on posts and her statistics are very healthy with over 1000 followers to boot.

Well today I logged in to leave a post and saw an icon I hadn’t seen for about six months… that little message WP leave you to tell you your stats are BOOMING!

A spike in your stats

My highest ever to this point in a day has been 165 views and that was a reading close to the end of the day. How by 11am could I have managed over 170? I couldn’t wait to find out!

Wednesday, April 23, 2014frugal cafe creative commons champers

Views: 176


I had thought about my stats this week, for the first time in a long while. They have dipped and I worried that just writing reviews about events I attend isn’t enough for you readers, I wish I had time to write lots more articles about writing (as they seem the most popular) and I dream of time to get out to other blogs and have a read and join in some of the challenges I have previously loved.

So what caused this spike? bestday-follows-2xAt the weekend I finally created a Facebook page for me the poet and it is mostly links back to this blog to the reviews of performances, I guessed it was that. 71 people have joined the page.

Feel free My Facebook Page

So who do I have to thank for this spike? What day is it here in England? YES! St. George has pulled the punters in from last year’s post – so now I feel I must make a new post for 2014!

Thank you, Dragon slaying George for boosting my stats with your armour and glistening shield! I wish it was something I wrote, or re-blogged or did – but it is nice to know the Patron Saint of my land is sought after today!



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  1. Congratulations on the spike.
    Obviously, you are doing something write/right.
    The hits you get in a day would probably equal a week of mine. I don’t look at stats much anymore, so I don’t get “stats” envy.

    • I hope I didn’t give anybody stat envy, I was just in shock and thought I’d share the news. It was a non-writing post though, so kind of like an own goal 😉

      • I’m sure you didn’t give anyone “stats” envy. Folks will be pleased to know how your words are getting out there! Though I don’t often remember to like, I do enjoy your posts about performances, so don’t worry you write too much about that!

      • Thanks – that’s nice to know – I will write more helpful – how to posts as they are the most popular, posts I wrote last year regularly get 30+ hits a day. However, as I plan to do INKSPILL again in the autumn – a writers retreat a lot of my ‘article’ ideas will be posted then. Good to have you following, your support is appreciated!

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