What a nightmare – had a rehearsal this morning before work for Mouth & Music tomorrow night, tried to find a new Found Poem to show (fortunately our set is at 9/10 minutes and we don’t need anything else)…. sudden dawning realisation that in the early hours of the morning I must have oversaved a document and I have lost the entire weekend’s writing! I have searched – all the documents are identical. Kicking myself because I always back up on email or memory stick…. lesson learnt! Just posting to remind you all to BACK UP! 

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  1. I wish there were a dislike button. I remember writing a piece once and was so thrilled with it, only to find I deleted it. But you know what… I ended up writing an even better piece… but its a mistake that only happens once… your once is now done!!

    • You are right – I will be rewriting them with only a thread of memory, perhaps the writing will be better the 2nd time, yes I have had my mistake – this time will not come again!
      Just such a shame. Busy and productive weekend. Have spent the last hour saving and backing everything else I have before I start to try to piece this together again!

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