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NaPoWriMo Day 2





Day 2

You could write a poem inspired by Norse mythology, or perhaps by one of these creatures from Japanese legend. Every time and place and culture has its myths and legends, so there’s plenty to choose from.

Again I started with a search and quite a bit of reading, I know some Greek Mythology but didn’t study Classics. I have several poems in mind, I hope that I can find time to write them all.

The thing I love the most about poetry challenges is the research into things I would otherwise never have heard of or contemplated!

I started this challenge with Thor and Norse Mythology and I finished with a vampire tree! It produced 3 poems and a Haiku – so 4 poems, some were written after the prompt day.

My favourite was based on the Japanese Legend of Jubokko – the Vampire Tree. I was intrigued.


Once again *the same as last year, I post only an extract from my poems due to copyright protection and possible future submissions.


From this blood

grew this tree.

A tree child.


Other trees feed on air

and water falling from

the skies.

Blood is the core of

the Jubokko,

the tree child thirsts

for more than

nature gives.