Clashing Events


One of the biggest challenges I face is finding out about events that are scheduled at the same time.

Tomorrow I am hoping to go to the Stanza meeting, especially as I missed the last one (performing at Najma Hush’s exhibition ‘Diverse Dancers’) and it will also make me write a new poem.
But in the city – several Counties away from where I will be there are two great events.
In the Library a bunch of really good poets are performing.
Then later on Ddotti Bluebell is hosting Word Up at York’s Bakery (which I thoroughly enjoyed last month) – I have to miss both of these events due to geographic location and my inability to teleport!

Then on Saturday I am missing Amanda Bonnick’s Special Mother’s Day Poetry Event at the Oxfam Bookshop, I know I would have loved this evening with the Worcestershire poets.

It doesn’t get much better in April – I want to go to 42, as I usually do – but the Pigeon Park Press are hosting another spoken word event, I missed the last one as it clashed with an event I was already attending.

Next week there are some events but my writing diary is fairly full so I have decided I will take most of the week off from events and concentrate on writing. Plus next week I have a full week of work and a day that Mr G and I have both booked to FINALLY start decorating our home.

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