The Disorganised Muddle: My Life


imagesCAWTNYTO Today my writing day has been reduced to a morning (one which included fraught calls to estate agents and management companies, as the tale of selling my apartment takes another twist!) and also a search for my lost purse, which along with some cash and bankcards has my driving license which needs to be sent to the DVLA for renewal! Life! It’s never easy – I envy the organisers amongst you – try as I might, I am a messy, muddle, piles of things kind of person. A difficult mould to break.

Yesterday afternoon I spent some time in solitude in my sunny garden (with new summerhouse roof – the reason I accepted work on my writing days this week) catching up with reading my writing magazines. I made notes in my writing diary and a list of things to do in the next 24hours, which included looking at websites of upcoming submissions.

One of the opportunities I found earlier this year which I hoped to try was an application to be a festival poet at Glastonbury. This year I am really learning when you find out – apply and submit – don’t sit on it for months and wait for the deadline inked in the writing diary!
Well the deadline was the 7th! I thought it was the 17th… must screw my head on better next year. They have 100s of applicants and it wouldn’t have necessarily led to anything – I have friends on the circuit who have poetry personas and are SLAM champions and I think this is probably more the sort of style they are looking for to entertain the masses, not that fringe tents get masses. It is something I would like to do – will get my material prepared before Christmas ready to send in the New Year!

I feel so deflated when I miss opportunities, but as I have said before it would be impossible for me to hit all the targets I pen out in the diary, unless I win the lottery and have the pleasure of writing full time. Now where is that Lottery Scratch card Mr G bought me…only joking, I may be disorganised but I know where that is!

AWF circleOne thing I HAVE started organising is this year’s writing retreat. In February I asked some writers to be involved, fully preparing myself for rejection… and to my delight everyone responded within a day or two confirming their involvement. 2013 was a pretty awesome online retreat, but 2014 looks to be even better! Pencil it in your diary, the last weekend of OCTOBER.


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  1. I know at times we all feel disorganized. I am trying to set aside time once a week to get things in order, regain focus and review goals and deadlines. Sometimes life interrupts it, but the good thing is, there is always next week to begin again. Good luck finding your purse.

    • Thanks – I meant to come back to this post and let you all know that I found my purse. After checking every bag and room downstairs I started thinking back to when I last used it – that was the problem I had swapped purses mid-week! In the end I did find it in my wardrobe (which I had already checked) but it was inside the bag I bought things from the supermarket in with some toiletries. Ironically I had to fax my expenses today and checked both purses and bags for the receipt. In the end I sent it off without claiming lunches – and you guessed it I then remembered the receipt was in the same carrier as my purse! At least I have my license now to send for renewal. Thanks for your kind message – it takes a lot to organise all this plate spinning for all of us I guess. I have also lost my writing days for a while as I have had to take on more work. Regaining focus is important. But you are write tomorrow offers us the chance to start again. 🙂

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