SpeakEasy – A Set Well Received and a New Poetry Dress


Last night I had a 2nd chance to see The Very Grimm Brothers as they performed at SpeakEasy along with Bobbie Parker.
The sets and open mics were of a high standard and I enjoyed hearing poetry that I hadn’t heard before and catching up with poetry friends.

SE  My set was received well and I wore the first of 2 new poetry dresses I bought in the Sales at the end of last week when I made the mistake of popping into town for one thing!
It was a great night and I thoroughly enjoyed myself, arriving home on a high, safe in the knowledge that I was blocked off from work and could have a lie in, I attempted to stay up, but fell asleep!

© 2014 Andy Kirk

© 2014 Andy Kirk, The Very Grimm Brothers

Andy Kirk took some great shots of the night, they give you a bit of flavour.

© 2014 Andy Kirk,

© 2014 Andy Kirk, Nina Lewis

© 2014 Andy Kirk

© 2014 Andy Kirk – Amanda Bonnick

© 2014 Andy Kirk, Neil Laurenson

© 2014 Andy Kirk, Neil Laurenson

© 2014 Andy Kirk

© 2014 Andy Kirk, Bobby Parker

© 2014 Andy Kirk

© 2014 Andy Kirk – Kathy Wordstring

© 2014 Andy Kirk

© 2014 Andy Kirk – Mike Alma

I have not included all the acts in these pictures, apologies to those who have not been included.

Unfortunately I can’t make next month’s SpeakEasy as Writing West Midlands are holding a meeting of all the writers in the city and I am already involved in that. There have been so many clashes in the writing diary this year. This event clashed with another event in Digbeth, which proved to be a great night and ‘Unplugged’ at The Ort, also a great success.

SpeakEasy acts are booked well in advance and although tempted by the other gigs there was no way I could do more than one and was looking forward to it (as Mr G banned poetry events on his birthday last month, bless him! He puts up with me not being around much as I am always performing/ writing etc. He is very supportive of these steps I have taken in my dreamtime and knows that I will succeed.)


As it was I had a heck of a work week, culminating in a school inspection, leaving late – arriving for lessons late – rushing to get ready and still being a tad late for the event!

It wasn’t the easiest journey over to the city and I was panicking most of the way, especially when I got held up in road works. I panicked because I knew I was going to be late! My heart was racing by the time I got there and had to pretend to really calm once behind the mic…. managed to pull it off! Those years training as an actress have helped!

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