Off to the Sahara!


On Sunday the 9th March, I was lucky enough to be part of Poets With Passion, an event which has happened three times since November and I have been able to get to everyone. This one was more challenging than the others to get to as Saturday night was a masked ball themed party for my cousins 30th and although I only arrived home as tipsy, I carried on drinking and …. well after a night in heels I woke up with huge pain in my back *not to mention my head, I slept until the early afternoon and woke up with an hour to get out of the house and over to the city.

There was a change of venue this month to a Moroccan Restaurant ‘Sahara’, which was a great venue and also a warm atmosphere to perform in.
It was a lovely way to spend an afternoon and evening, nice to have a chat with everyone afterwards.
I took some photos but on the camera so they hasn’t been uploaded yet. I have borrowed Najma Hush’s photos for this post, credits to PhotoGiraffe.

© 2014 Photogiraffe

© 2014 Photogiraffe

Sahara 2 Photogiraffe

© 2014 Photogiraffe

Poets With Passion is a lovely relaxed event, which attracts a core of regular supporters and new faces every time, hosted by Tessa Lowe. We gather and share our own poetry on a theme and can read the poetry of others too.

I look forward to the next one.

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