Mouth & Music: Current Affairs


Tuesday 11th March was Mouth & Music, an event I like to attend monthly since I finally got there. It is the most local to where I live and also a great atmosphere, venue, hosted by Heather Wastie and Sarah Tamar.
Brenda Read-Brown was the guest poet (having caught her set in Birmingham and Worcester) I was looking forward to seeing her again.
She did not disappoint!

© 2014 BBC

© 2014 BBC

There were so many open mics – all of them top standard and enjoyable.native monster com open mic
The final headline act was the Very Grimm Brothers – sold as a Gilbert and George of the poetry world. I like Gilbert & George, so I was looking forward to it. Always good to meet new artists and come across acts that I enjoy. They were superb. the very grimm bros

My set went well, I read my poem written last summer about the serious/light mix of news and a new poem I wrote especially for the event about the missing Malaysian air flight that has disappeared.
Next month is Dualogue and we need to find another performer to work with. I have yet to send my hopeful email. More about this next challenge later!

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