Friday 7th March, 1st Submission and PUBLISHED


At the beginning of the month I had an opportunity to join a list of other fantastic poets submitting work for an Anthology of Poetry to support the Born Free Foundation/Charity. I found this specific writing task challenging, mainly because I did a lot of research into the fur trade (the focus of our work) and found it beyond upsetting. I also found it really hard to write decent poetry on the subject.
In the end I opted for a wide view of the whole human impact in the animal world, especially considering we are ALL members of the Animal Kingdom, the second was the release of several animals rescued from captivity. They had never seen the outside world before and it took over 20 minutes to coax them from the cages.

The anthology is the brain child of Elaine Christie and the other nice thing is that it features lots of my poetry friends. She has compiled a wide selection of excellent poetry and the book will also include some stunning artwork. My poetry was accepted. I look forward to holding this publication in my hand and supporting the promotion of the project later this year!

It took the whole writing day to complete the final edits, but it was worth it and besides the two poems I submitted it has provided me with a small bank of poems on this important subject.
AND I GOT PUBLISHED! 🙂 born free


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