Spoken Word at The Ort – 6th March


Last Thursday I went to the Spoken Word event at the1 birm ort1 it was a great night! By the time I made it home I was too tired to blog about it and went to bed with my book!

It was a wonderful evening, a great mix of performers and a variety of new faces both behind the mic and in the audience, which is always a good sign.

My set went well and I received lots of positive feedback.

I was also delighted to catch The Night Watch, a duo who play traditional instruments and music from the 1400s. It is surprising how many songs I recognised. Some from my dancing days. English folk music at its roots. They were superb. They are on tour in the Midlands at the moment, catch them if you can. You will NOT be disappointed!

http://www.the-night-watch.org.uk/ Check out their website.

I have missed many of the Ort spoken word nights as they have clashed with other events in the city. Thursday night clashed with 2 other events – but I had already promised a set at the Ort in March. I am delighted they have changed the night to Friday from next month, I shouldn’t have to leave it so long before the next one.


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