Final Submissions


My writing diary had a list of opportunities this week which had the deadline of the 28th, I had planned to do something about this on Wednesday and Thursday evening, but we were out with relatives from America.
On Friday I hoped to find a window of time between work and the Library Display and going out to Word Up, I barely had time to choose and rehearse my set and get ready.
I then went out to Word Up thinking I would write when I got home… then there was the waffle house…

The lesson I learnt this month was NOT to leave submissions to the last minute!

I managed to make one out of the three, there was a 4th submission which was international and had already closed before Midnight GMT.

In the end the pressure I place on myself needs to be monitored. I have spent a fortnight reading the submission guidelines and considering suitable work, many of the opportunities meant writing new material and it has been so busy I never had the time nor energy to do this.
I decided not to push myself to the end of my red-line and just look for opportunities in the future.

It is important to be realistic, organised and gentle on yourself when you freelance!
inkspill notebook

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