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Final Submissions


My writing diary had a list of opportunities this week which had the deadline of the 28th, I had planned to do something about this on Wednesday and Thursday evening, but we were out with relatives from America.
On Friday I hoped to find a window of time between work and the Library Display and going out to Word Up, I barely had time to choose and rehearse my set and get ready.
I then went out to Word Up thinking I would write when I got home… then there was the waffle house…

The lesson I learnt this month was NOT to leave submissions to the last minute!

I managed to make one out of the three, there was a 4th submission which was international and had already closed before Midnight GMT.

In the end the pressure I place on myself needs to be monitored. I have spent a fortnight reading the submission guidelines and considering suitable work, many of the opportunities meant writing new material and it has been so busy I never had the time nor energy to do this.
I decided not to push myself to the end of my red-line and just look for opportunities in the future.

It is important to be realistic, organised and gentle on yourself when you freelance!
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Word Up & Waffles


Word Up was amazing – the first time I have made the open mic at York’s Bakery and the Headline Act was Lorna Meehan, I have seen her at events a lot in the past fortnight and I am glad that she has finished her poetry tour because her material is very entertaining.

I had to go on first and found it very noisy without the PA system, it was a lovely receptive crowd and in the end I was glad I was first on, because the rest of the sets were incredible.
I look forward to the next one.

Afterwards a few of us had decided to go for a drink. By the time we got to the bar, I realised that almost the entire gang of poets had come with us. The bar was rammed (city on a Friday night) and so someone suggested a waffle house…ss
It was a great place, despite being across the other side of the City. And we all had a great time and some delicious waffles!

waffle One of the best Friday night’s out I have had in a while!

Family From Over the Pond


Last week was a really busy week with work and writing AND we had family visiting us from the States.
I stayed with them in 2005 and haven’t seen them since! It was brilliant…
We took them to stay with family on Wednesday and saw them again at my brother’s on Thursday night before they left for Dublin.
They have a few days of travels left before heading home and have had a great time!
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