The Tiniest Display


After work today I went to check the library out where I have been asked to display my poetry. The Arts Network display a variety of local talent there throughout the year.

From emails I have received, I had expected a display board, perhaps an area of a couple of metres in length…. I walked past it twice before accosting a librarian!

It is smaller than my coffee table and has the added disadvantage of me needing to display poems so they can be read – maybe I should attach them to coffee table books – actually that is not such a bad idea!

I am currently researching ideas online – I am supposed to spend this hour working on submissions – 20minutes on Google is not helping. I have until Friday to get this exhibition created – I am looking forward to it, despite it landing in such a busy week!


Let me know if you have ideas how flat display (lying down on the table) can be made to look creative and wonderful…. for now I am going to run with the coffee table book idea I think!

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    • Thanks Katey, again some great ideas I have used boxes under displays at work before. I have used just 1 poem to present this time – but will bear these ideas in mind for future opportunities. Thanks for helping solve my design/ display dilemma!

  1. Can you tie them up like a scroll with pretty ribbons and place in a basket with a sign – please read? A decorated 3 ring binder with plastic coated pages you can slip the poems into to protect them, then decorate the outside binder?

    • Both really good ideas that I will play with when I next get the chance to display. I only found out about this a week ago – so I went for 1 poem presented on the easel – I have uploaded a snap of the display on this blog, thanks for the ideas.

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