Daily Archives: February 24, 2014

A Busy Week Ahead


Lots going on this week which may mean less posts in here… I will see how I go….

I am working the rest of this week and in addition to that we have relatives flying over from the States to entertain for a couple of days too.

AND I have 1 possibly 2 open mic gigs to perform sets out and I am busy writing for several submissions with the end of the month as a deadline. type

In addition to all this wonderful busyness, I am organised a display of my poetry for a local town library, which is due to go up by 1st March, I need to visit and see what the current display is, how many pieces will fit, find other items for the display and choose my work – not necessarily all in this order. inkspill books

I did my finances this morning – I know there is very little money in writing and even less in poetry, I am not reliant on my writing making an incomeimagesCAJBX1JQ – which is a good job because it doesn’t…. however, it does cost, in transport, buying books of other artists, attending events, workshops, training courses, resources etc. I had quite a shock. Last year cost me a lot, but per month was not as high as my outgoings so far, the more you do – the more it costs….

I may have to cut back a little just based on what I can afford…. My flat has been on the market a while and today I think there I have good news, so hopefully my finances will be easier to manage and can be stretched further soon.

It is about time I took a step back and started writing! pencil paper freestock I have a lot coming up over the next few months. Exciting times.

open road

Caught the Sunday Xpress to the End of my Poetry Week!


I have really enjoyed wearing my poetry skin this past week and I finished off with a set at the Sunday Xpress, in Digbeth.

It was good to see everyone, especially some people who have been away from the circuit for a while.

do415com open mic