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That Long Avenue, Rejectionsville


After an hour or so of writing admin tasks (including an email check) I am the proud owner of another rejection slip! I will keep going.

Someone will bite… and when they do…. the rest will be bitten! ūüėČ

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The art of choosing: poetry magazine editors reveal how they sift and select | Write Out Loud


The art of choosing: poetry magazine editors reveal how they sift and select | Write Out Loud.

inspirational-speaker This is an interesting article, currently doing the rounds on social media.

It does prove how important¬†the opening stanza is… in fact, the OPENING LINE! Bear it in mind when you proofread your next submission.

First Week Off – well 6 days! SOLC Slice of Life Challenge


SLICE OF LIFE CHALLENGE – it is ages since I submitted a SOLC, I am attempting to get back to the Blog challenges I haven’t had time for over the next Month or so, I miss them and all the bloggers involved in them.

sliceIt has been so long they have this new and juicy logo! It’s active, so click away if you want to find out about this weekly challenge from TwoWritingTeachers.

imagesCAFVN832¬†Last week I finished work for a week, celebrated Mr G’s birthday and Valentine’s (kind of) and I had an unscheduled break from the world of writing, 6 whole days, 4 of which with no internet/laptop usage at all!

Detoxed, well read and well slept, I am ready for the world again and just as well, after looking in my writing diary this morning I am reminded of the busy week ahead. This is half term week, so at least I can balance life/writing without having to factor in work as well!

Thursday Night, Mr G’s birthday bday– we went to my brother’s bar in Birmingham for a Comedy Night – it was fantastic, lots of spots, lots of side splitting material and abundant talent – by the end of the night I wanted to change career path (again) and go into Stand Up…. I have funny yarns to weave! It was great chatting to the performers and it is fair to say Mr G enjoyed his night tremendously!


He has the wisdom (of age ūüėČ ) to book the next day off. On very little sleep I got up and worked a whole day!

I managed to get home in good time to start celebrating Valentine’s Day roses¬†I came home to a dozen red roses – deep, deep red – almost blood purple (a colour I just made up) and some Thorton’s treats – personalised chocolate cupcakes & a chocolate heart, as well as a bouquet of lollies, a magazine and a little bit more! SPOILT!

Now, much as we love a Hallmark occasion- and we do, we have long since wised up to restaurants charging double and gave up eating out for V-day years ago. Instead we treat ourselves to a takeaway and a romantic night in.

Well…. I fell asleep in the armchair before 6pm – woke up at 10, very apologetic –¬†warmed up a couple of supermarket takeaway curries¬†and then watched Mr G doze off…. needless to say we have postponed Valentine’s… we are thinking March!

Then came the weekend – now I cannot pass judgement on extending birthdays – I have done it for years… the best, my 21st, 21 days of parties (oh for that stamina now)! We caught up with friends we haven’t seen in a long time (over 12/ 18 months) and had a great day at¬†our local pub. fs bday

I slept for 12 hours and the next day had a 3 hour mid-morning nap too! Mr G and I had already declared Sunday as a Duvet Day!duvet I managed to catch up on reading and just relaxed.

I had planned to start working hard yesterday, but slept again until the afternoon, I spent most of the afternoon reading and made it through another novel. I have now started Amy Rainbow’s book and can’t wait to review it for her, it is a great read! amy

There is so much I need to do!

work So here I am spending an hour writing a blog post!

I need to:

  • Write a 52 poem (before Midnight Weds)
  • Write some children’s poems or child content friendly ones at least¬†(for Poetry¬†For Lunch, Thursday)
  • Learn my set off by heart for Hit the Ode (Thursday)
  • Write dance poems for the Gallery opening (Friday) – there are now 15 poets involved, it is going to be a crazy night.
  • I also have to get to the library to see the current display as mine is due to go up on the 1st March and no doubt I will need it dropped off before then!
  • In addition to this I have an end of February deadline for about 8 pieces I am hoping to submit! And a few more open mic spots booked!


Great timing for an impromptu week off!

Here’s to my writing elbow and fingertips…af6a8d6a523a755e956fbb7021443872