A New Foot Forward


Over the past few days I have come to realise that my part-time income is in need of some supplements. Just as I think it – I find an advert on my social network page for an FREE e-course.

It can’t hurt – so I have some emails to get my teeth into and a way in. My new venture, exploring freelance writing opportunities. I have missed 2 writing competitions this week for short stories as I ran out of time to write them, although I will use the ideas this year at some point when I have time to write.

I am looking to supplement term time income, there is no excuse during school holidays not to be writing. We will see where this takes me.

fs typewr

I have read several articles about people who started to write again last year and each of the interviewees seem to be doing a lot more than me. It is time I put some plans into action.

For more information visit – Maggie Lindy’s site here.

It is mainly a promotion for an e-book. You may find some of it useful or you could buy the book.

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