Daily Archives: February 10, 2014

Hungry Heart Storytelling


Last night I missed Buzzwords in Cheltenham, after last month’s aqua-planing experience I decided not to risk the journey, ironically the weather was much better than before.

Then I had a surprise phone-call and was invited out. Over in a village that I used to live in, 11 of us met us to watch this performance of Hungry Heart, which was story-telling from Italy with a seductive edge by Europe’s leading performance story-teller and MC of Tell Me On A Sunday at the Ikon, Cat Weatherill. catweatherillcouk

It was a superb show and a great night. I was delighted to meet her after the show and talked to her about Tell Me On a Sunday. It is something I may try one day, watch this space!


Looking Forward to this Week!


There is so much going on this week, I have just 3 days work, which is great because I should have the energy for balancing everything else this week.

Tonight I am writing some Love poems, tomorrow after work I am going to Mouth & Music BgDa2K3IcAAw6a5and hoping to perform them (there are lots of people going and I am hoping that there will be enough time to sign up for an open mic slot.)

Thursday is Mr G’s birthday.

On Saturday I am hoping to go to a new (to me) poetry meeting in the city.

In addition to this I am attempting to finish a short story for a competition and prepare sets for next week’s performances.