My Kind of R & R (Reading & Research)


I have spent an hour working through the scribbled notes in my Writing Diary! I now have an up to date Action Plan for content I aim to produce over the next few weeks.

Pun aside, it felt like R&R to me. I would love to spend the whole day in my writing skin, but have to jump offline now and get back to the reality of 2 jobs this afternoon, booo hissss!

I was heading into the city later for a new (to me) open mic, there is still a vague glimmer of hope that I will make it. However, I am tired and have been ill and am beginning to learn the importance of listening to my body – if I was still in the world of full-time employment I would have had some time off sick.

I am far more likely to have an early night and catch up with a good book. 1books

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    • Thanks Diana – I believe I am over the worst – by the time I got to the Doctor on Monday I was assessed as POST viral and given medicine with codeine (hence drowsiness) to get rid of the hacking cough I have been left with. Oxygen levels are fine and my temperature etc. is all okay, I don’t feel ill…. just have a horrid brain penetrating cough that doesn’t stop once I start. Am home now from day jobs and have decided to give the open mic a miss for tonight. Doing a little more R&R and then I shall have an early night.

      • Those coughs are so draining. I think you made a wise decision having an early night. My mother in law suggests rubbing Vic’s (vapor rub) on the soles of your feet and then going to sleep with socks on whenever my kids are fighting a cough.

      • That’s a new one on me – but I am willing to try it! My friend has just given me some Swiss Lemon and mint herb drops. But it isn’t in my throat, I will save them for when it is!

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