Daily Archives: February 6, 2014

My Kind of R & R (Reading & Research)


I have spent an hour working through the scribbled notes in my Writing Diary! I now have an up to date Action Plan for content I aim to produce over the next few weeks.

Pun aside, it felt like R&R to me. I would love to spend the whole day in my writing skin, but have to jump offline now and get back to the reality of 2 jobs this afternoon, booo hissss!

I was heading into the city later for a new (to me) open mic, there is still a vague glimmer of hope that I will make it. However, I am tired and have been ill and am beginning to learn the importance of listening to my body – if I was still in the world of full-time employment I would have had some time off sick.

I am far more likely to have an early night and catch up with a good book. 1books