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I had such a great time on Friday night at the Kidderminster Creatives Re-launch. Read all about it here


© 2014 Heather Wastie

I was delighted when Heather Wastie asked to use part of my poem on material (with full credit of course) – so imagine my excitement this morning when I found out that she posted my entire poem ‘Make Believe’ on the Kidderminster Creatives website!


© 2014 Heather Wastie

I wrote 4 poems specially for the evening and this one is all about artists and creatives in general.


Many thanks to the exceptionally attentive gallery audience and to Heather, for listening to the words.

Exciting NEW Prospects!


Even a rejection email cannot dampen my spirits this evening! I have just spoken to IanMacLeod an award winning Novelist who happens to be the Lead Writer for the group I am about to start work with in the City this weekend. Write-On-2013-300x287The-Hive__Supported_CMYK-300x253In the role of Assistant Writer.

Chatting to him made this new venture suddenly very real! I am now looking forward to Saturday even more than I was before, a few butterflies, but it will be creative and fun!


Rejectionsville Avenue sure is LONG!


I have just received an email from EmmaPress rejecting poetry I sent for anthology consideration, mid December, the only flip side is this material can be included in something else I have in the pipeline now.

Now I know what The Beatles meant about long and winding roads, nothing to do with love at all! 😉


A Jam Packed Week :-)


I have another busy week ahead, in addition to work, I need to make calls and emails in preparation for this Saturday, myWrite-On-2013-300x287 Assistant Writer role starting. Can’t wait – very excited!

I am also attempting to write a short story and flash fiction. I am learning a poem off by heart for Wednesday night – Confab Cabaret. Write my 52 poem, as a wolf (I have the bare bones) before the next prompt on Thursday. I would like to check out some websites and poetry submissions that were missed in the last few days of January and some I have plugged into the diary for this week. motivation make


I am also hoping to make it to a new (to me) spoken word event on Thursday night – which sadly clashes with The Ort, but I have booked them in for March, or rather they have me booked in for March!

Sunday evening also sees the next event in Cheltenham, although I may give that a miss until the lighter evenings and better weather after my last experience.