Faber Poetry Diary 2014 – Making my wishlist for next year already!


Faber Poetry Diary 2014 – Blue.

This year part of my organisation includes an A5 desk diary, in which I make a note of all writing world functions, book launches, open mics, events, competition deadlines etc. It has already got a bit scribbly, I tried the same idea last year but lost the diary when I packed to move house. (I only bought a pocket diary last year- already I am learning!)

I find this is a very simple way of organising writing deadlines and everything gets colour coded on top of that. Last year I used action plan sheets (on PC) and found that often I needed the information to hand on paper, without logging on and searching through files. The diary is doing the same job as an action plan but more efficiently.

Anyway I love this website – http://www.theliterarygiftcompany.com  where this fabulous diary is sold.

Poetry and appointments, what could be better?


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