At Long Last, A Writing Day!


And a busy one at that. My work alarm was still set, so I was awake about an hour before I had planned. This did mean that I got an early start, which is probably a good thing as I have to write 3 poems about Art and get them printed off before 4pm for the KAF Creative Relaunch this evening.KAF Writing under pressure about a specific subject or particular commission is one of the hardest things to do.

Right now I have my giant mug of coffee and am seeking inspiration. I have devoured my Degas book and Duchamp and managed to write 5 unconnected lines… it’s a start…. this has taken half an hour. I am now online and looking for other poems about Art to read for ideas and inspiration. I plan to have my poems written by lunchtime, so I can speedily digest them and still allow for some editing time later before emailing them off and printing them before the 4pm deadline.

I’d cross my fingers but I need to type.

Last night I prepared my list of TO DO for today, I haven’t had the pleasure of a writing day for over 2 weeks and that day was an interview and a Stanza meeting, so it didn’t actually involve any writing time, the day before was spent performing at Poetry For Lunch so the last time I slipped into my writing skin was the 6th January! No wonder I was feeling so much like Eeyore!

I had  lots of other things I hoped to get checked off today, I realise now some of which will have to wait until the weekend. I have been working all week so far and was out Wednesday performing at 42, the other free time I have mainly spent sleeping.

I missed a gig at the Bristol Pear last night which would have been exceptional. In the end, after work, I was far too tired. Getting home before 6 and finding myself asleep until 8 meant I missed the start anyway.

Writers’ Bloc’s much-loved, raucous performance night is back!

Our second Grizzly Pear headliner will be the wonderful poet, genius behind Hit the Ode, Apples and Snakes West Midlands co-ordinator and all round good guy, Bohdan Piasecki.

Bristol Pear

I seem to have missed all sorts of wonderful events this month, Pigeon Park Press Winter’s Stories is another one I missed due to double bookings. What I haven’t missed because of clashing dates (Poetry Jam, Word Up, Poetry Bites, The Ort, Pigeon Park) I have missed due to overwork, tiredness or actual sleeping! The gig list for January was epic and for those working in the field a great start to the new year after having most of December off…. but for most of us who have a day job too – just too much to go to! It hasn’t helped that I have spent the past fortnight (apart from today) working full time (and I have another full-ish week next week) my 2 day writing work balance plan has gone out the window – but then again I had 2 weeks in December with no work and no income, so the money will plug a hole and pay for some of Christmas, keep us in heating and food etc. etc.

February’s schedule looks a lot cleaner with less than 10 events planned so far AND a whole blissful week off AND my biggest gig highlight so far (4 months in) I am finally brave enough to ‘Hit the Ode’! Also we have Mr G’s birthday, Valentine’s Day and my younger brother’s birthday to celebrate too!

Tonight’s event is a re-launch party – KAF Creatives are rebranding and have organised an event complete with music, poetry and art. This is the 1st of 2 gallery based bookings.
KAF icon
Upstairs in Gallery
7.30 – Launch of Exhibition FALL IN LOVE WITH CREATIVITY
8.00 – 9.30 Spoken word and acoustic music
9.30 – 9.45 THE LAUNCH! with drumming
9.45 – Close – Live Music with Time of the Mouth & we Are Fenton

Looks to be a great evening!

I also have a submission deadline today for some Haiku poetry & photography. I will look to do that after my KAF set is complete. Nothing like a day OFF is there! 😉

i heart write

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  1. Thanks Diana – I am happy to announce that all 4 new poems have been conceived, written, edited, printed and rehearsed ready for later, my outfit has been organised and I know the route and time it will take me to make the Launch, now I can put that project to one side and have lunch! 🙂
    Next on my list are the Haiku submissions, fortunately it is a very short form and I only need to write 5.
    There does seem a lot to do, but that old saying about loving what you do and then it not seeming like work at all is true!
    I even got over the office programme crashing twice after I had completed final edits, no stress. This is a fluid day of work for me, a godsend and a relief after the past few weeks of proper work, the kind you have to get dressed up for 😉

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