Being Self Employed: The Art of Survival.


Photogiraffe, a talented photographer and poet has a new exhibition opening soon in Birmingham, an event I am lucky enough to not only attend, but also perform at. I was directed to some of the material I am using as writing stimuli and decided to check out her blog. I found this – and thought of you 🙂

Photogiraffe Live Art

Hannah Leach is 29 years old and a self employed painter, hypnotherapist and a writer, which she has been since the year 2000, when she moved from East Yorkshire to live and study in Birmingham.  Originally having obtained a BA Honours degree in Cultural Studies and Sociology she has found that since graduating, she has had to become “a jack of all trades” in order to fund her own skills and talent. She feels that being self-employed – for her – has not always been a choice, but rather a necessity, because after university, the only work she could find was through temping agencies. It took her six years to find a permanent job, which was still only a part-time administrative position.

Hannah thinks that this may have a lot to do with the conventional ideology that many of us are brought up to believe; that is to say, if you study…

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