1st Submission of the Year


Last night I had a poetry write in all of my own, I spent several hours writing new material. I managed to write 5 poems and a Haiku. type

I produced 3 poems on the theme of Rainfall, knowing I could only submit one to the competition, I then chose my favourite and edited it, culled it, rewrote it, added to it and eventually produced something I was proud of which I then realised only borderline met the brief – hoping it is close enough (too late now, literally the deadline was the 14th) I had planned to submit it last night but suffered some registration issues.

At lunch time I checked the email I sent requesting help, no response. After work I called and was given all the help I needed.

It always feels good to send the first piece of the year (and I see from checking The Write Year I am sending work out earlier than I managed in January 2013! Yippee.)

I feel like I have just released a dove from a cage.motivation happy

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  1. I wish you the best of luck with your aspirations of writing and publication. As the writer of a literary review blog, I totally get what it’s like to want that first publication. Keep it up, and good wishes!

    • Thanks –
      I am a published poet, I have been published in anthologies and small press magazines and had some articles in National publications.
      That was the first time I was writing (a good few years ago) I am now trying to recreate that success and build on it after 8 years away from the page and 15 away from the stage! Of course I have changed lots and so has my writing.

      I am giving myself 4 Olympics…. let’s see how far I can go! (Last time I ran out of money, this time I have many more commitments and so have plans and jobs to pay for living, I am not yet trying to cobble together a livelihood from JUST writing.)

      I submitted a fair bit last year and managed to get published once in a Print Anthology. So here’s to 2014, year 2!

      Thanks for the encouragement, I will be sure to check out your blog when I can. Best Wishes.

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