2nd Gig of the Day


2nd Gig of the day and I wasn’t the only one – Gary Carr had also made it to both events today!

Liz Lefroy’s New Year Poetry Open Mic with Uncharacteristic Largesse – which is a title I didn’t fully understand until I got there – so many performers made it to the mic, I don’t think I have ever experienced anything like it before!

A great evening at the Shrewsbury Coffeehouse shrews coffee housewith readings from myself and Meg Cox, Gary Carr, Rob Stephens, Paul Francis, Steve Thayne, Nadia Kingsley, David Davis, Ted Eames, Lucy Aphramor,  Michael Carding, Gill Carding, Kate Innes, Mike Alma, Tom Wyre, Graham Attenborough, Carol Forrester, Neville Street, Adrian Perks, Jonathan Day, Peter Shilston, Bethany Rivers and Brandon & Coey.
Unfortunately the only accessible photo shows me like a Buckaroo Donkey carrying my wallet, phone, 2 drinks and then climbing over chairs and across legs! I could just not post it – but as I will be losing weight this year and know that at least one of the double chins comes from all that loose change in my purse I will post it – plus it gives you some idea of the fantastic PACKED turn out they managed at the coffee house.
 shrewsbury coffee house

I had only ever once been to Shrewsbury (to take the train into Wales) and that was years ago, the bright weather didn’t last and the journey was a dark and rainy one so big thanks to Mike Alma who became my poetry chauffeur! I would still be on a Ring Road somewhere otherwise!

It was the first time at this event and if it was closer to home I might be able to regularly attend, I hope to make it back later in the year when the weather improves. It was a great mix of material and great to hear new poets (new to me that is!) shrew ch2

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