Review of December 2013


joy December has been a fantastic month to end the first year of my 16 year plan (now 15) … as far as performing most events take a break over the holiday period and the last one I had booked into was after I fell ill with a winter bug so I missed it and I sadly also missed the only pre-arranged Christmas Social with a bunch of poets in the city. Fortunately though being ill and bed bound before Christmas meant that when the few days of family and festivities arrived I was actually feeling well enough to enjoy it!

December was the month I got back to writing my Action Plan and made some submissions to poetry anthologies (fingers crossed!) I also attended book launches and poetry events – you can read more about these on THE WRITE YEAR page. I finally feel like I am doing what I should be doing and I believe in what I am doing and what is being created. I have hopes and plans for 2014 to continue this success and growth – although reading through the review of the year once I found my feet I didn’t do too badly! 🙂

It has been a wonderful year and I hope you have enjoyed reading all about it.

Big thanks for following the blog and my initial dancing steps up the yellow brick road.



I wish you all health and happiness for the new year ahead – here’s to 2014 Lit fest team

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