Happy New Year 2014


end 2013 I hope you all had a fantastic New Year’s Eve and that you are ready to grasp the possibilities of 2014 with both hands!

hny london HAPPY NEW YEAR!  hny

Mr G and I spent the afternoon and evening with friends and then came home to see the New Year in and thus avoided kissing strangers or being swamped in vast seas of drunken revellers… been there done that plenty of times, this was our first New Year in our home and there was something very special about that!

Besides I had my gratitude jar to reveal 2013 jar (although a tip for next year if you do a jar is celebrate it on January 1st – unless you’re sober enough to read it after Midnight!)

Every small step mattered in 2013 because of where I was coming from, but amongst the bigger achievements were;

 House hunting, buying the house, leaving work, finding new jobs, performing poetry, networking, getting a writing job, making friends with writers, joining Poetry Society Stanza groups, working on manuscripts, workshops, writing classes, online courses and challenges such as NaNoWriMo and NaPoMo, becoming emotionally positive, writing again, getting a poem published, meeting some famous authors, poets and the like, growing crops successfully throughout the year and living with Mr G. half jar jar 


Next year, oopps, this year, I plan to jar up the big stuff!

I also plan to do another challenge I found online. I will post about this later. I have been up for a few hours getting buried in new possibilities as the writing world wakes up again after its December hibernation.

2014 hny 2014

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