Daily Archives: December 31, 2013

Missed Opportunity


I am gutted! Today I thought I was being good, catching up with emails and blog posts and staying clear of social media until my writing life tasks were done. Whilst all along an important message awaited my attention on Facebook.


I was delighted when I read that a poet laureate friend of mine (who was a DJ in a former life) was hosting a radio show tonight. They were looking to book a life coach to talk about goal setting and New Year resolutions. She had seen my recent article on Goal Setting and invited me to talk on the show!

Another reason I need to get up to date business cards so people have my number.

Gutted I found the message 4 hours too late (despite being online), the producers understandably had to book and someone else had the slot on the show tonight.


What an end to 2013 that would have been. Hoping for opportunities in the future. In the winter this year I did  consider an addition guise to poet, writer, performer, workshop facilitator, teacher as a creative life coach – watch this space!

So, I know we get told to avoid it, and I know social media eats time… But if you’re online anyway why not open it in a small window, set a 5 minute timer and check in from time to time! You never know what might be waiting in your inbox!