Goal Setting 2014 – Part II


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motivationAre you ready?

So now you have your goal you need to know how to achieve it, read on.


It’s all about the steps…

You will have heard of baby steps – well that’s what we are going to be taking, eventually.


I always think that getting the grand design in mind first helps you see the smaller steps that it takes to build the picture. Never lose sight of the GOAL but you must know how you will get there. Think about the achievements you will make on your way to the final goal.

Write a list of them (in the special Notebook you have already invested in) then consider what steps you will need to take to reach each one of these.



Break down your goal into smaller steps, by thinking about what you have to do to achieve each big step. What do you need to do to achieve target? Write them down.



Find the place you will start, focus on it – see yourself already achieving it and GO FOR IT!



There will be some (probably) that is life. So what if you get stuck? Don’t PANIC!

Step back from it and assess what is going wrong, work out what it is you need to do to move forward and do just that MOVE ON! When life sends you treacle – wade! It may take some time and lots of energy but you WILL GET THERE! If being successful was easy we would all be a lot more successful and there would be far more competition in the world.



Keep imagining how it will feel to achieve your goal. Imagine yourself already succeeding. Keep that big picture in mind all the time – your final goal and you will discover a compelling force that pushes you onto wanting to achieve it.



You will know this phrase – If at first you don’t succeed, try, try, try again!

Well there is a reason why the word TRY is repeated – it’s not a typo, KEEP GOING!



Remember that you have a life beyond this dream and the busier that life is the more self-discipline you will need to continue achieving your baby steps and ultimately the goal. YOU HAVE A LIFE – are the key words here, don’t let the rest of your life fall by the wayside as you strive to achieve your goal. That would be messy!


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  1. My problem is keeping that goal in focus. I tend to get distracted by the rest of life – husband, child and work. How do I keep focused on the goal? I haven’t written in days because everything else crowds it out. I know I COULD have found time, if I’d just kept my focus. Grrr. My writer’s group twice a month helps a little, writing the blog once a week helps some but I need something day to day to keep me focused. Any thoughts?

  2. Reblogged this on Melora Johnson's Muse and commented:
    Okay, I really want to set goals for this year and this blog post will help with that. No problem there. I know what my goals are and I think I know the steps. I will write them down. My biggest problem is getting sidetracked by daily life – full-time job, munchkin and husband etcetera. How do I keep my focus to write every day? How do you do it? I’d love to hear what people think about this.

  3. I don’t have as many commitments as you regarding family, many people do. It is hard. The lessons I have learnt in my first year of freelance are;
    Be organised.
    Forgive yourself when the writing goes off plan (when you don’t do any!)

    To help with organisation – I used a monthly PLAN OF ACTION (on word prog.) where I listed all submissions and events and then planned in how I would achieve them – knowing what I was writing everyday helped but it was impossible to stick to the plan when life threw in some curve balls.
    Writing is a process that cannot be forced and sometimes you just cannot get it done as you had planned to. Know this and allow it.

    Last year I started with a diary of events and in 2014 I am going back to the desk diary (as sometimes I don’t have access to the laptop to check what I should be doing – printing out the action plan would also work.)

    Write in deadlines and then track back and decide (REALISTICALLY) how you are going to attempt that word count. I discard days I am working or have other commitments although I try to write something everyday.

    Good Luck.

    Maybe other followers would like to explain how they manage the workload/ writing.

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