Goal Setting 2014 – Read This BEFORE You Set Any! (Advice)


I trained as a life coach 8 years ago and know some things about setting goals and achieving them! I am delighted to pass the JAR idea forward and look forward to hearing how all your jars go in 2014. I have been in quite a reflective (non-writing) mood today and just before I wrap Christmas presents I thought I would tap out another post.

Whether you are dreaming big or small, whether you are an expert goal-setter or a novice – this post is for you!

© 2013 lushhome.com

© 2013 lushhome.com

Happy reading x


Go sit in a big comfy chair or your favourite place in your home or surrounding area and think about what your life will look like in 12 months time if there were no obstacles and if everything went your way. What changes would happen? Where would you be? What do you need to do to achieve this picture dream?

Or if you are more practically minded and manifestation seems like fantasy to you then go with what would you like to achieve this year? Where would you like to be this time next year?

However you approach this HUGE question / imagining you need to try to get your idea down into a sentence or two.


A pad/ journal to track your goal and achievements – it is good to keep it all in one place.

(And a pile of magazines if you really want to go for it!)

Visual manifestation works even better because you see an end result – you see yourself as the achiever.

I made mine in May (was a promise to myself in January – but I was busy reconsidering my professional life and buying houses and the like!)

I saved it as my mobile screen saver so that I would see it every time I activated my phone!visual


Write it down.

1-2 sentences, that is all.

Keep it simple & easy to understand.


What do you have available to you to help you achieve your goal?

People/ Mentors,

Websites/ Books,

Local groups/ other areas of your community

Things you already know.

And anything else.

Think about what your resources are and write them down.


What are the things that would help you achieve your goals, dramatically cutting time scales or increasing success?

These may be things you are unable to get – considering them will help you focus on

a) what you want &

b) ways you will be able to get that.

The areas you may wish to focus on are the same as resources in step 2.

People/ Mentors

Websites/ Books


Start thinking about how you can obtain these resources.


NEXT we have to work on strategy the step by step plan that will help you reach your goals.

Find the 2nd part of Goal Setting here

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  1. Love this post! Can’t wait to see the next. I have a couple very specific goals that I am very serious about achieving in 2014 and I definitely need to have a plan that I can work with.

    • I will post the next instalment after Christmas – before the New Year when we traditionally resolve to improve ourselves, I am sure you can plan to achieve your goals in 2014!

  2. I hope this is the year that I actually achieve the larger goals (still working very hard on the smaller ones). I like your ideas and am looking forward to the next installment.

  3. I also love your article here. You should write a book and charge people for it as well as having your wonderful blog.
    How old are you, if you don’t mind me asking?
    You look very young but have wisdom far beyond your years.

    I reblogged this and am sharing it with my 576 followers on Totally Inspired Mind: Where Positive Minds Congregate.


    Paulette Le Pore Motzko

    • I am a writer so maybe that’s a title I will add to my list of writing projects for 2014! I am older than I look, the photo is from 3 years ago and was my social network picture when I started on WordPress so it was easy to make it my avatar and it is one I like, I do still look pretty much the same as I always have.

      I think I have always had wisdom beyond my years (or so I have been told) the mid-wife who delivered me said I was a ‘wee Granny’ and was convinced I’d been here before! (Not sure about that, I make too many mistakes!)

      Thanks for the link will spend some time in Blogland in the New Year and check it out.

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