Schedule Time for the Schedule!


It has taken two and a half hours to work through my writing action plan for this week.write1

I have researched websites and scheduled in this week’s writing. I have 8 poems to attempt to write today, for two competitions with the 16th December as a deadline.
I need to take some of my own advice and motivate myself again, I have known about these competitions for over a month and here I am on the  deadline day trying to create suitable material. Let’s hope I get there before getting ready for the book launch tonight!

xmas1 snowmen Fortunately that’s it for today – the rest of the writing has been neatly programmed throughout the rest of the month – alongside Christmas for a while, of course there is no guarantee that it will be done in the planned time, but much of the rest of the writing this month is actually for submission next year so I’m not concerned.

I haven’t experienced Christmas as a AWF Writer banner since I last wrote (a decade ago) and I think back then I took Christmas off. I am not having to do my day job over Christmas so I should be able to divide time between festivities and word-craft – although I think festivities will get the higher claim!

As long as I succeed with today’s writing I will be okay. If I end up with just 4 suitable poems, I will submit those instead.

Wish me luck, I’m going in!HALLOWEEN 2011 081 motivate write do

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  1. Sigh! Wish I was so organized! Good luck with your writing competitions — I’m sure you’ll write those 4 poems just fine! And happy writer’s holidays to you.

    • Thanks. I managed 4 and then produced another 3 for a different submission (one of which existed) so I only wrote 6 really and fortunately for me they just came. Fingers crossed!
      I am officially on holiday next week – until then as busy as Santa’s elves with Christmas prep (1st year we host and cook – well Mr G will be cooking!), work, writing and house sorting!
      I shall give myself a few days off over Christmas!

  2. First, good luck writing the poems and sending them on time!
    I haven’t sit down and made a schedule for writing but I’m thingking I need to do it for a writing project for next year. Happy holidays!! And do take Christmas off to re-charge and get inspired by all the happy people around and the great vibes!!!

    • Thank you I managed to write, edit and submit before going out to tonight’s book launch!
      I have organised my writing this way all year, it took a few months to use the planner on the computer though (it was juggling calendars and diaries in the early days.)
      I often miss writing opportunities, but I don’t think there would ever be time to submit to everything, especially not when you’re working too.
      I plan to take most of Christmas off – this week I need some time to prepare for Christmas and I am sure I would miss writing if I didn’t do any – but I am not going to apply pressure to myself. The Spoken Word events have been calming down since the beginning of the month and there aren’t many left this side of January.
      I promise you- I will re-charge – I don’t think I have a choice!

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